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Laser Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Disease

Patients may begin to notice the early stages of gum diseases through inflammation and moderate bleeding of the gums.  Especially whilst brushing (gingivitis) and for some patients this can cause bad breath (halitosis).  If left unmanaged, the early stages of gum disease can soon lead to periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease can cause destruction of the bone that supports teeth, which overtime can eventually lead to loose teeth, recurring infection and tooth loss.  Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults.


Where patients first notice the symptoms of gum disease they should see a dentist as soon as possible who may suggest commencing periodontal therapy.  In many practices periodontal therapy consists of deep scaling to remove calculus and build-up below the gum line.  This is sometimes carried out under local anaesthetic.


Laser Periodontal Therapy






At St Raphael’s Dental Practice we currently offer the option of combining root surface planning with laser assisted non-surgical periodontal treatment.

Laser assisted periodontal therapy involves the use of a small diode soft tissue laser to manage periodontal pocketing beyond 3mm.  This level of cleaning would normally require professional intervention including traditional root planning and antibiotics e.g. Dentomycin.

The use of laser is considered to be both safe and effective.  The method uses a high energy beam of light to disinfect below the gum line (reducing the amount of harmful bacteria that causes periodontal disease).  The laser selectively and gently removes infected tissue whose presence can lead to further inflammation and infections.

Periodontal laser therapy often promotes faster healing of the gums by removing infected tissue.  This improves circulation and tightens the tissue around the tooth providing improved stability.

Laser periodontal therapy Benefits

Promotes rapid healing

Considered less invasive and traumatic

Provides less discomfort and bleeding during treatment

Patients may experience less post-operative discomfort and bleeding

If you are concerned about gum disease, simply call our reception team today on 01695 627617 or fill out the contact us form.

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