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    1. Skelmersdale 12 week challenge Oral Health Challenge

      6th April 2017 by St Raphaels Dental

      Here at St Raphael’s Dental Practice in Upholland, Skelmersdale, as dentists we care about our community and whenskelmersdale food initiative we heard about how Skelmersdale Food Initiative was running 12-week sessions to help the local community to make the right choices, we knew we had to be a part of this movement. The 12-week initiative can be found here http://www.scfi.org.uk/ and is supported by Active West Lancs who are also striving to improve the lifestyles of the local people.

      The 12-week initiative

      The 12-week initiative can be found here http://www.scfi.org.uk/ and is supported by Active West Lancs who are also striving to improve the lifestyles of the local people.

      As dental professionals, we possess knowledge from extensive research on how sugar can not only have an effect on your teeth, but also your health. Sugar has addictive capabilities which are similar to that of Cocaine! This is a shocking fact.

      Refined Sugar

      Refined sugar is placed in quite a lot of your daily food intake. It is hidden so well in food, even your
      spaghetti bolognese sauce contains refined sugar! Recently the government has made it a requirement for

      Recently the government has made it a requirement for food manufacturers to highlight by a colour coding system the amount of food the product contains and how much of your daily requirement it meets. Some researchers say this information is not accurate either.

      Educating the Community

      Our lovely dentist, Sarah, went to one of the Skelmersdale Food Initiatives to help educate the group members on how sugar affects your overall health, how sugar affects your teeth and which foods that claim to be healthy actually contains tonnes of sugar.







    2. Mouth Cancer Action Month Oral Cancer Screenings

      21st November 2016 by St Raphaels Dental

      Every November the dental community in the UK come together to raise awareness of an important issue in oral health which is Oral Cancer also known as mouth cancer. Mouth cancer has been on the rise alongside the consumption of alcohol, smoking, oral sex (human papilloma virus), diet and chewing tobacco.

      To help raise awareness of Mouth Cancer, The Oral Health Foundation, a dental charity, has set up Mouth Cancer Action Month where dental professionals get together to officially raise awareness and whats better then actually providing free oral cancer screenings to everyone!

      That’s we exactly did! St Raphael’s Dental Practice and The Concourse Shopping Centre in Skelmersdale, got together to provide free oral cancer screenings to the public and their staff on the 19th November. Our dentist Dr Monika Anand, Practice Manager David Noone and our Business Development Manager Hassan Mushaid, set up a small clinic in a retail outlet provided by The Concourse Shopping Centre and spent the full day giving the people of Skelmersdale all clears.

      mouth cancer action month

      Although on the day, we did discover and referred 2 people to the hospital as there was some warning signs present. For these people it was a surprise but better to be safe and get a clearer diagnosis at the hospital. You can see how important it is to raise the awareness of Mouth Cancer!

      We also gave away free dental goodie bags to every person that recieved an oral cancer screening which included 2 min tooth brushing timers, chewing gums, toothbrushes, toothpastes and much more.

      Dr Monika Anand said “The oral cancer clinic turned out to be a huge success. People were delighted that they could have this type of services in a popular shopping complex as some of them have been waiting to see a dentist for many years. It really does remind you why we become dentists, to help people. I would look forward to providing this type of service again next year”

      As part of providing excellent dental care, we provide oral cancer screenings as part of our dental examinations at every appointment for all our clients.

      Some of the risk factors that contribute to the risk of getting mouth cancer include;oral cancer screenings

      • Smoking
      • Alcohol
      • Oral sex (HPV)
      • Chewing tobacco
      • Passive smoking
      • Diet

      You can learn more about the risks associated with oral cancer please visit Mouth Cancer Website where they also have a guide at detecting the symptoms too.

      If you believe you may be suffering with any of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer then please do give us a call on 01695 627617 or email us using the online contact form.


    We have implemented several additional safety precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff within the practice and ensure our practice remains COVID 19 free.

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