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Dental Phobia Dentists

Gentle Dentistry Delivered by a Caring Team

It’s not uncommon for dental patients to feel anxious or nervous when the visit their practice, and our caring dental team understand that every patient has to cope with their own personal fears and concerns. To ensure the best care when our patients need us most, we’ve handpicked our staff to ensure they can provide the best possible results while delivering personal and sympathetic care.

Whatever treatment you choose, our team is always on hand to provide attentive care, as well as industry-leading results. We always begin by explaining the treatment to our patients, taking the time to answer questions and address concerns ahead of each procedure. During the treatment, patients are also encouraged to ask questions and signal any concerns they may have as soon as they arise.



Introducing The Wand

More often than not, dental anxiety stems from a fear of injections and the associated pain. Unfortunately, in ordernervous dentist to prevent pain during treatment many procedures require the use of local anaesthetic to numb the local area. In many cases, any pain associated with a local anaesthetic injection is actually caused by slight errors in the delivery. In order to tackle this problem, we’ve introduced a new piece of equipment called The Wand. Designed by dentists, The Wand uses a smaller needle and the latest technology to allow accurate control of the rate of flow when the local anaesthetic is delivered. This helps to reduce discomfort and make the experience less daunting for our patients.

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

sedationIV sedation is a popular choice for patients who experience anxiety when they visit the dentist. Rather than sending patients to sleep, sedation induces them into a deep state of relaxation that reduces stress and fear throughout the procedure. Through the use of midazolam, the sedation process can also provide either partial or full memory loss from the time the drug is administered to the moment it wears off. Typically, this results in patients remembering very little about the appointment itself and feeling as though the time has passed quickly. For nervous patients, this can mean the difference between a seemingly traumatic experience and a positive visit to the dentist.


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