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    1. Make 2020 a white christmas

      1st December 2020 by St Raphaels Dental

      At St Raphael’s Dental Practice we are running our white christmas December 2020 tooth whitening offer:

      1. A comprehensive dental examination is required beforehand to ascertain suitability of the Professional Home Teeth Whitening procedure. Such consultation will attract an exam fee of £46.00 for all new patients, no fee for examination will be required for all existing registered patients. 
      2. A deposit of £20.00 will be taken upfront for all patients on booking the initial appointment (the deposit would be deducted from the cost of whitening but would be non-refundable should you miss the appointment).   
      3. Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening. Other alternatives might be more appropriate. Your dentist will advise you.
      4. Patient’s wishing to have teeth whitening must have good oral health, any remedial treatment necessary must be completed before your impressions are taken and the cost would be quoted on a private basis.  
      5. The fees for the procedure include the custom made whitening trays to be used at home, the gel required to whiten the teeth and all follow up appointments and professional instructions.
      6. The offer fee for the Professional Home Teeth Whitening procedure is £199.00 reduced from the standard price of £275.00.
      7. This offer is only valid between Tuesday 1st December 2020 – Thursday 31st December 2020, the fee of £199.00 will be payable on the first appointment and impressions must be taken on or before Thursday 31st December 2020, and any person who cancels or misses an appointment in December 2020 will be required to pay the normal fee of £275.00 if they are attending any further appointment for impressions after Thursday 31st December 2020.  
      8. You need to follow your dental professional’s instructions and advice for your safety and to maximise effectiveness of the procedure.
      9. You will need to sign the Consent to Professional Home Teeth Whitening form. This will be given to you at your consultation.
      10. You need to read The User Instructions. This will be given to you at the tray fitting appointment.
      11. This offer is only open to patients over 18 years of age, we are unable to provide professional tooth whitening to patients under 18.
      12. The offer only covers Boutique 16.0% CP Professional Home Teeth Whitening, this offer does not extend to trays and top up kits provided separately.
      13. The longevity of tooth whitening is dependent on diet e.g. food colorings, oral hygiene and social factors e.g. smoking and red wine intake, it may be necessary to use top up tooth whitening materials in the future (this will attract an additional cost outside of the offer)
      14. The offer price of £199.00 is inclusive of a standard 2 week turnaround time for our dental lab to make your new custom made tooth whitening trays, for whitening trays to be ready before Thursday 24th December 2020, you should have your impressions taken before Friday 11th December 2020.  If you would prefer your impressions to be taken after Friday 11th December 2020 your trays would be ready after Monday 4th January 2021.           

    2. What to expect from your next dental appointment at St Raphael’s Dental Practice (June 2020)

      18th June 2020 by St Raphaels Dental

      As a dental practice we have been very busy preparing for the re-launch of the practice following the UK Government’s announcement that dental practices are to re-open from the start of June 2020.  Please see attached a patient information leaflet we have put together to keep our patients informed of the changes we have put in place.

      Please be aware at this time we will be providing a limited face to face dental service for patients with urgent dental needs / genuine dental emergencies (phase 1).  In the near future we will look to begin to provide routine dental care e.g. examinations (phase 2), and following on from this we will start to provide routine dental treatments .g. fillings, scaling, dentures, crowns and bridges (phase 3).

      If you are in any doubt, have any questions or you are experiencing and pain contact the practice by phone: 01695 627 617 or by email on: hello@straphaelsdental.co.uk

      Patient Information Leaflet June 2020



    We have implemented several additional safety precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff within the practice and ensure our practice remains COVID 19 free.

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