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    1. 28th June 2021 by St Raphaels Dental

      Smile makeover by Dr Monika 

      Our patient presented to Dr Monika with discolored white fillings and gaps between the teeth.  The patient explained that they wanted to improve appearance of their teeth in short span of time without wearing braces.

      Over the years the patient has had white fillings on the front teeth which constantly chipped and discolored.  After a thorough examination Dr Monika

      took an impression of the teeth and a wax mock up was created.  This enabled the patient to see the results before any treatment was undertaken.

      The upper 6 front teeth were then prepared after removing the old composite fillings and temporary veneers were placed.

      After 2 weeks the temporary veneers were replaced with high quality Emax veneers.

      The patient is very pleased with the results as not only aesthetics was improved but all the gaps in the front teeth were closed in a matter of 3 weeks. 


      If you are considering a smile make over then contact our team on 01695 627 617 who can discuss your options.


    2. About Orthodontics (Braces)

      16th August 2018 by St Raphaels Dental

      What is orthodontic treatment?

      Orthodontics (referred to a having braces) is generally the treatment to improve the appearance and alignment of teeth relating to a range of conditions including crowding and protruding teeth.  Orthodontics aims to also correct issues with how the teeth bite together.


      What is an orthodontist?

      Orthodontists are qualified dentists who have completed additional training and examinations with a view to specialising in orthodontics.  A specialist in orthodontist will have completed an additional 3 years of full time postgraduate training following on from an initial 5 years studying dentistry.  Only these dentists are eligible to register with the General Dental Council as a specialist in the field of orthodontics.

      Our practice principle and orthodontist Mrs Puthri Raphy has completed 3 years postgraduate training working on the orthodontic clinic at Liverpool Dental Hospital and is registered as a specialist in orthodontics.


      How do I see an orthodontist?

      Normally your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist should you qualify for free NHS orthodontic dental treatment (according to age and national clinical criteria) and you would attend a consultation.  Following your consultation you will be added to a waiting list to start NHS orthodontic treatment.

      If you are considering “braces” and if you don’t qualify for free NHS orthodontic treatment or don’t wish to wait for NHS orthodontic treatment to start at St Raphael’s Dental Practice we are able to offer orthodontic treatment provided by our orthodontist Puthri on a private basis offering a range of various treatment options including fixed, removable and clear braces.  We offer treatment for children right up to adults with a range of flexible repayment options and appointment times.

      When does orthodontic treatment start?

      Orthodontic usually starts once most of a child’s permanent teeth have come through, however this can vary from person to person but more common during secondary school.

      What should I be aware of before the start of orthodontic treatment? 

      Patients looking to undergo orthodontic treatment must demonstrate a commitment and a good standard of oral hygiene including adequate home care of teeth and gums as orthodontic appliances can increase the risk of dental decay as fixed appliances require more careful cleaning and extra brushing time.  Patients must also be prepared to avoid sugary drinks and hard foods.  Your orthodontist will give you tips and advice on how to look after your mouth whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment.


      Does orthodontic treatment hurt?

      It is normally to experience a degree of discomfort and you may notice some tenderness and aching as the teeth start to move, however in most cases this discomfort will wear off in a matter of days.  Speak to your orthodontist about how to manage any discomfort.


      If you are considering “braces” and if you don’t qualify for free NHS orthodontic treatment or don’t wish to wait for NHS orthodontic treatment contact our treatment coordinator who can provide you with more information or to arrange an initial orthodontic consultation / assessment with our orthodontist either call 01695 627 617 or email ortho@straphaelsdental.co.uk  

    3. Why Do My Teeth Get Stained & Discoloured?

      3rd March 2017 by St Raphaels Dental


      Why Do My Teeth Get Stained & Discoloured?

      There are many reasons why your teeth could become discoloured, and tackling the problem at its source could help you to prevent further problems in the future. Many people also choose to reverse the discolouration on their teeth using teeth whitening treatments or airflow procedures, which can leave your teeth brighter and whiter than ever.


      Causes of Discolouration

      There are many factors that can cause discolouration on the teeth, but the main issues include:

      • Smoking – Smoking cigarettes is a common cause of yellow teeth, and can transform teeth quickly if you smoke frequently.
      • Food and drink – dark food and drink can cause staining over long periods of time. Coffee, cola and wine are some of the most common causes.
      • Ageing – As you age, the dentin in your teeth will naturally yellow, and thinning enamel allows this to show through.
      • Injuries – Chipping or knocking your tooth can lead to discolouration, particularly if the pulp is damaged.


      Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

      zoom teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is a very popular treatment, but sadly many people are opting for cheap but dangerous whitening procedures performed by untrained professionals. The resulting scepticism can be daunting, but by choosing to have your teeth whitened with your dentist you could gain all the benefits of whiter teeth without the high risk.

      Teeth whitening provides a number of benefits, but for many, the decision to undergo the procedure is fuelled by a lack of confidence. With whiter, brighter teeth, you could feel like you finally have a smile to be proud of, helping you to progress in work, socialise more and even feel more confident on dates.




      What is Airflow Treatment?scale and polish wigan

      Airflow teeth whitening is a specific type of whitening treatment that uses a spray of air, polishing powder and a jet stream of water to rapidly remove any surface stains from your teeth. Non-invasive, the treatment provides gentle stain removal without damaging your teeth and provides noticeably whiter teeth in minutes. Airflow treatment is quick and easy, and can simply be requested ahead of your next check up or hygienist visit.


      To discuss in detail about how you can get teeth whitening, please call your personal treatment advisor on 01695 627 617 or fill out the Contact Us form.



    We have implemented several additional safety precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff within the practice and ensure our practice remains COVID 19 free.

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