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Independent Fees at St Raphael’s

Routine Dental Care

Examination (includes 2 Small Films) £46.00
X-Rays (Small Film) £12.00 each
Urgent Appointment (In hours) £52.00 per visit

Dental Hygiene

Routine Hygienist Appointment £41.00
Airflow £75.00
Periodontal Treatment £85.00 (per quadrant)


Small Composite Filling £100.00 (per tooth)
Moderate Composite Filling £130.00 (per tooth)
Complex Composite Filling £160.00 (per tooth)
Complex Composite Filling (Build Up) £180.00 (per tooth)
Diagnostic Wax Up (Build Up cases) £40.00 (per tooth)
Empress® Edge Composite Bonding £180.00 (per tooth)

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Emax Veneer £560.00 (per tooth)
Porcelain Veneer £460.00 (per tooth)
Zirconia Crown £580.00 (per tooth)
Porcelain Bonded Crown £460.00 (per tooth)
Maryland Bridge £560.00 (each)
Composite Inlay £360.00 (per tooth)
Empress® Composite Veneer £240.00 (per tooth)

Tooth Whitening

Boutique Whitening Home £275.00
Boutique Whitening Maintenance £75.00
Internal Bleaching £45.00 per session


Acrylic Partial Denture £460.00 per arch
Chrome Partial Denture £560.00 per arch
Acrylic Full Denture £510.00 per arch
Chrome Full Denture £660.00 per arch

Other Dental Treatments

Missed Appointment Charge £15.00 (per 15 mins of the allocated appointment time)
Study Models £35.00
Night Guard £110.00
Bleaching Trays (upper or lower) £110.00
Simple Extractions £68.00 (per tooth)
Complex Extractions £108.00 (per tooth)
Extractions for Orthodontics £68.00 (per tooth)
Extractions for Implants £95.00 (per tooth)


Consultation (with a specialist in Orthodontist) £50.00
Invisalign (Upper and Lower) £3,200 (from)
Fixed Braces (Upper or Lower) £1’700 (from)
Fixed Braces (Upper and Lower) £2,536 (from)
Fixed Braces (Upper and Lower with Damon) £3,036 (from)
Incognito (Upper or Lower) £3,500 (from)
Bonded Fixed Retainer (Upper or Lower) £100.00 (from)
Essix Removable Retainer (Upper or Lower) £100.00 (from)
Invisalign Retainers (3 x Upper and 3 x Lower) £500.00 (from)
Memotain Bonded Fixed Retainer (Upper or Lower) £200.00 (from)


Consultation (with a dentist limited to restorative dental care and implants) £50.00
3D Cone Beam CT Scan (CT-Dent, Manchester) £140.00
Single tooth and fixed bridge Implants
Single Tooth Implant (Including the Crown) £1,950.00 (from)
Three-tooth Bridge on Two Implants £4,480.00 (from)
Twelve-tooth Bridge (Full Jaw) on 5-8 Implants £12,000.00 – £14,000.00
Provisional Bridge Fitted on Same Day £2995.00 extra
Denture retained Implants
Two Implant on denture £4,500.00 (from)
Four Implant on denture £6,500.00 (from)
Four-Six Implants on denture £11,500.00 – £13,500

Additional Costs

‘Atraumatic’ extractions (per tooth) £95.00
Temporary Dentures/Bridges £295.00 (from)
Implant Guide £195.00
Diagnostic Wax-up £40.00 (per tooth)
Bone Graft £350.00 (from)
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